Risk Management Services

Identify & Mitigate Risk with Precision

We assess and quantify your risks, tailoring insurance solutions to reduce exposure and enhance your focus on business growth while lowering operating costs.

Our HUB Risk Management Services cover a spectrum of potential risks, including crisis management, organizational resilience, and strategies for adaptability and quick recovery. Whether it’s Enterprise Risk Management, Business Continuity Planning, Disaster/Crisis Management, or Security Analysis, we’ve got you covered. 

Risk Management

Understand Your Total Cost of Risk





When you partner with New Mexico HUB Team, we will assess your current exposures, identifying insurable needs and potential premium savings and explore risk management alternatives beyond insurance.

Use our proven four-step process to understand your total cost of risk:

  1. Identify risks that impact your goals.

  2. Assess the potential impact of those risks.

  3. Plan a strategy for mitigating the risks.

  4. Monitor the effectiveness of the strategy put into place on an ongoing basis.

Each year, we meticulously design and market your program to ensure it boasts the most extensive coverage and competitive prices.

We tap into a network of premier insurance carriers, maintaining solid working relationships with over 650 top-rated insurers. The substantial volume of business we represent for these partners amplifies our knowledge and expertise, bolstering our capabilities in offering you access to top-rated coverage that you won't find elsewhere.

Our access extends to top management and decision-makers at all of our insurance company partners, enabling us to adeptly negotiate comprehensive coverage programs even for the most challenging risks.

Your Risk Management Partner

Taking calculated risk is part of every business strategy and influences the goals and day to day decisions that create, preserve, or erode value.

The key is taking on the appropriate amount of risk in exchange for the optimal rewards. As experienced risk advisors, we understand your organization and will create a tailored program to fit your specific needs and appetite for risk.

Keep your property in top shape with a proactive approach that lets you avoid unnecessary vulnerabilities and liabilities so vou can focus on growing your business.

Evaluate risks, develop risk management strategies, and boost your peace of mind by taking control of your property risks. Whether its internal audits and inspections, comprehensive analysis and testing, or appraisals and inspections, we'll help you deploy the right strategies through a customized plan that includes property audits and inspections, fire protection engineering, loss investigations and analysis, property replacement cost valuations, building code compliance, security consulting and more.

We'll work with you to create a property risk management plan that fits your needs, your budget, and your vulnerabilities.

With an average of almost three million workplace illnesses and injuries per year, you can't afford to ignore workplace safety. Analyze all your preventative, planned, and emergency protocols that will keep your employees safe and reduce costly claims.

With a comprehensive and customized workplace safety program, you can protect your workforce and vour profit margin. We'll work with you to make sure you're plan follows best practices and satisfies current industry regulations so that you can establish a consistent and effective safety management strategy. With our guidance you will be able to maximize training and supervision, establish support and oversight, review your facilities for safety compliance, and satisfy all local, national and international regulations, including Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), Department of Transport (DOT), Canadian Provincial Regulations and more.

Control costs, track coverage, and mitigate vulnerabilities with a Business Owner's Policy that combines business property and liability protection designed to meet your organization's individual needs.

Manage costs and eliminate coverage gaps with a comprehensive solution that protects your business from damage and destruction of buildings and assets while also safeguarding you from financial losses triggered by liability claims.

Experience fewer equipment breakdowns and protect your drivers and vehicles with a Fleet Risk Management plan that will keep your business on track.

Reduce company liability and ensure regulatory compliance with a tailored strategy that combines safety training and development with audits and inspections, pre-hire screenings, and benchmark analysis.

Encourage driver accountability and reduce distracted drivers and other hazards with a set of programs and strategies that will keep your people, your vehicles, and your company safe and protected.

Streamline and automate your risk assessment with HUB's RMIS technology. With RMIS, you can gain deeper insight into your organization's risk management program.

With a scalable and easy to use interface, RMIS allows you to take control of how your company manages risk. RMIS is highly customizable and provides effective claims administration, audit, safety, and compliance tools to help you with decision-making and risk identification and assessment.

Through the aggregation of risk data, reporting and analysis, and automated workflows, HUB RMIS lets you leverage your information to optimize your risk assessment strategies.

Optimize your claims management by partnering with a team of experts. We will work with you to control and reduce claims costs with a proactive management solution that lets you quickly and efficiently manage claims issues. Our claims management services include advocacy and insurance carrier oversight, claim file reviews, strategic claims audits, employer claims management practices, reserve analysis, coverage disputes and dispute resolution, and much more.

Sample HUB Risk Management Program

Risk Management

Client Advocacy & Carrier Oversight
Best Practices Assessment
Safety Program
Development & Training
Audits & Inspections
Cyber Risk Management

Insurance Services

Risk Identification Survey
Insurance Gap Analysis
Contract Review
Certificate Management
Marketing Process
Premium Allocation
Premium Audit Process

Claims Management

Client Advocacy
Carrier Oversight
Claims Audits
Claims Closure Program
Claims Analysis
Deductible Analysis
Experience Mod Analysis

Strategic Claims Services

In many organizations the cost of claims and resulting premiums can be significant. Whether its liability, workers compensation, or property claims, a poorly designed claims management process can be as detrimental as having no process at all while claims that are not continually reviewed or managed can result in unintended outcomes. HUB’s Claims Consultants work with you to develop and implement claims management solutions that minimize your Total Cost of Risk.


  • Client Advocacy
  • Claims Review
  • Claims Data Analysis
  • Claim Closure Program
  • Employer Claims
    Management Practices
  • Medical Cost Containment
  • Reserve Analysis
    Third Party Administrator (TP) Selection
  • Settlement Evaluation
  • Litigation Management
  • Subrogation / Second Injury Fund Recoveries
  • Claim Audits


  • Unit Stat Summary
  • Loss Runs
  • Posting Requirements
  • Claims Mitigation
  • Experience Modification Management
  • MPN Enrollment Assistance
  • Claims Reporting Direction
  • Projected EX-MOD Factor
  • Safety Programs and Policies

This list is not all-inclusive. Your designated HUB Account Team will meet with you to confirm goals and develop a customized service plan, deliverables and timelines that will address your needs and exceed expectations.

Risk Services & Loss Control

HUB Risk Services consultants are committed to providing a wide range of services that enable your organization to identify risks, reduce exposure to loss, and address claims issues.

We deliver enterprise risk management solutions that are properly scaled to meet your needs regardless of company size, location, or industry. Our goal is to assist you in identifying current and potential risk issues and implementing controls to reduce those risks.

Trust our team of board-certified and degreed claims, safety, security, property, and environmental professionals who possess an average of over 20 years of business risk management experience.

Located across the US and Canada, our local teams have a wide array of expertise in specialty areas and are available to supplement your internal risk services resources or target specific risk issues.

Scott Gates


  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Safety Environmental / Management
  • Emergency Response Planning
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Crisis Management
  • Fleet Safety
  • Settlement Evaluation
  • Litigation Management