Employee Benefits

Meet the needs of a changing workforce.

Only 34% of workers feel engaged with their jobs. Empower your workforce and protect your investment by developing a comprehensive and personalized employee benefits strategy.

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of workers are engaged with their jobs, and engagement is declining.

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of organizations include personalized benefits in their strategy.

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average increase in health insurance premiums in last 10 years.

Delivering personalized benefits will be key to increasing employee engagement in 2024. Done correctly, personalized benefits create quality employee experiences (QEX), which drive company trust, loyalty and increased productivity.

According to HUB’s 2024 Employee Benefits Outlook Report, only 40% of organizations include personalized benefits in their overall benefits strategy. Offering personalized benefits means fostering a positive, supportive culture built on the idea of what matters most to employees at a given time.

In-House Employee Benefits & Compliance expertise.

The employee benefits brokers at New Mexico HUB Team can help you develop a multi-year strategy that enables your organization to prepare for and get ahead of workforce challenges.

From optimizing your budget to supporting your employees, our employee benefits brokers will give you the tools and resources you need to power forward with the right plan for your organization.

HUB Southwest is the leading provider of Employee Benefits in New Mexico and beyond.

Whether your team numbers in the hundreds or thousands (or tens of thousands), our scalable solutions can be tailored to fit vour unique business needs. From emplovee retirement plans to cost management strategies and HR technology, we've got you covered.

Keep staff happy and productive with a full-featured insurance strategy that will improve morale, encourage accountability, and protect our bottom line.

Our team will work with you to provide the tools you need to elevate your employee benefits, including Cost Management, Compliance Consulting, HR Technology Solutions, Health and Performance, Benefits Communication, Voluntary Benefits, and retirement plans.

Reward achievement and ambition with a unique benefits package that acknowledges the contributions of vour executive team. Attract and retain top talent with a competitive and responsive benefits package that enhances standard salary and bonus offerings to help vou stand out from the crowd.

Your C-suite is essential to your business, so ensure that they remain protected in the event of financial hardship, injury, and disability. A personalized incentive package that's meaningful and tailored to your team's unique needs, allows you to attract high-performing individuals necessary to motivate your team and elevate your business operations.

Keep your workforce healthy and productive with a health and wellness program that motivates vour emplovees. Encourage engagement and provide our staff with the tools they need to make healthy lifestvle changes so that evervone on vour team is fit and focused.

We work with vou to create a strategy that satisfies the unique needs of your organization through strategic guidance, effective program design, and rollout assistance.

Simplify and streamline your HR and Benefits administration with the latest HR technology.

A comprehensive benefits administration platform or an enterprise solution with integrated

HR and benefits administration capabilities can help you keep your staff happy, improve your retention and recruitment, and enhance your business operations from the file room or factory floor to the C-Suite. With so many platforms and solutions to choose from, we help you find the right system to fit your needs, budget, and workplace culture.

Reduce absenteeism, boost engagement, and increase productivity by creating a work culture that supports employee health. With a plan designed to address both absenteeism and medical spending due to chronic illness, you can keep your staff happy and healthy, while boosting profitability and optimizing your workforce.

Our team helps you reduce workplace injuries and eliminate patterns and practices that introduce or exacerbate chronic conditions through integrated absence management programs, aligned paid/unpaid time-off programs, enhanced benefits packages, and robust return to work policies. The result: healthier employees and increased productivity.

Stay connected with your employees and increase engagement with an effective communications strategy. We help you manage open enrollment and year-round communications so your employees always have the information they need.

By providing clear guidance on benefits enrollment and facilitating transparency and open communication, your employees are better able to understand the advantages and opportunities available through your benefits plan.

Elevate your HR programs with Human Resources Consulting services. We help you develop a strategy that allows you to manage, support, and enable your HR team so they can maximize their efforts and optimize your workforce.

Our HR assessment and consultation means you get the most from your people, processes, and technology so that you can harness the power of your workforce.

Beat the competition with Global Brokerage and HR Consulting Services that operate as an extension of your employee benefits team. We help you protect your employees in any location while working with you to ensure your solution fits your unique business needs.

Our Global Benefits services include global brokerage oversight and local benefits placement in over 100 countries, HR consulting services for foreign nationals and expatriates, a benefit program for international transfers, multinational pooling analysis, and captives management, rewards benchmarking and analysis, Inventory of benefits and other HR programs and assistance with new country startups.


Compliance solutions

New Mexico HUB Team ensures that your employee benefit strategies align with solid compliance. Services include a formal multi-year strategic plan, analysis of legal updates, an annual federal disclosure compliance calendar, sample forms, and custom plan language.

We review Flexible Spending Accounts, employee manuals, and oversee vendors, conducting compliance reviews of SPDs, contracts, policies, and communications. Trust HUB for signature-ready Form 5500 filings and comprehensive compliance assurance.

Led by a team of seasoned ERISA attorneys, our compliance experts help you establish a robust platform, ensuring your benefit programs comply with state and federal laws. Our comprehensive support minimizes exposure to audits, penalties, and lawsuits, covering a spectrum of issues such as health reform/PPACA, Section 125 Cafeteria Plans, HIPAA Privacy, COBRA, and more. We don't just inform you about the law; we guide you to innovative solutions.

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Katherine Pierce is very informative and knowledgeable. She helps me become more of an expert in benefits.


HUB helps me stay up to date with HR compliance in several states. They make my crazy job easy!


We are so thankful HUB has all the resources we need to stay compliant with ever-changing HR laws.

Meet the Expert

Katherine Pierce

Client Executive VP, New Mexico HUB Team

Katherine Pierce, a New Mexico native, began her journey in Corrales, later attending St. Pius high school in Albuquerque and completing high school at Brewster Academy in New Hampshire. Seeking a warmer climate, she earned a BS in Speech Communications from TCU in Texas. Katherine’s career path led her to San Francisco, where she delved into outside sales and later found her niche in employee benefits.

After returning to New Mexico in 2011, Katherine dedicated herself to family and community, serving as President of the Friends of the Corrales Library. In 2019, she re-entered the workforce, joining HUB as an employee benefits Producer. Her decision was driven by HUB’s resources and commitment to addressing healthcare challenges. Katherine brings her wealth of experience to help employers navigate and strategize employee benefits programs.