New Mexico Oil and Gas Resources

Oil and Gas Industry in New Mexico: An Economic Powerhouse

New Mexico’s oil and gas industry is a colossal force in the state’s economy, driving substantial growth and development. Valued at a staggering $27 billion, this sector is not only the largest contributor to the state’s GDP but also a vital support system for the state’s financial health and community well-being.

Economic Impact and Employment

The oil and gas industry underpins New Mexico’s economy, directly supporting over one-third of the state’s annual budget. This equates to nearly $3 billion of the $8.9 billion budget, showcasing the industry’s integral role in fiscal stability. Beyond the fiscal contributions, the sector is a significant job creator, employing more than 134,000 New Mexicans. This figure represents over 15% of the state’s total population, highlighting the industry’s broad reach and critical importance to livelihoods.

Infrastructure and Public Services

The contributions of the oil and gas industry extend well beyond direct financial impacts. Excise taxes levied on the industry are pivotal in funding the construction of new roads and highways, enhancing transportation infrastructure across New Mexico. This not only improves connectivity but also stimulates further economic activities.

Oil & Gas Benefits in New Mexico
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In terms of public safety, the industry’s contributions are invaluable. The funds generated enable the state to bolster its public safety measures, putting more police, firefighters, and first responders on the streets. This enhanced safety infrastructure ensures that communities are well-protected and can thrive.


A noteworthy beneficiary of the oil and gas industry’s largesse is the education sector. New Mexico’s schools receive over $1.4 billion annually from this industry, funding that is crucial for supporting students and educators. This financial support ensures that one-third of the state’s teachers receive their salaries, directly influencing the quality of education and the future of the state’s younger generations.

Resources for Oil and Gas Professionals

For professionals in the oil and gas industry, leveraging available resources is key to staying informed and competitive. Here are some essential resources:

  1. New Mexico Oil & Gas Association (NMOGA): A leading voice for the industry, NMOGA offers advocacy, networking opportunities, and the latest industry news.

  2. New Mexico Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources Department: Provides regulatory information, permits, and reports crucial for compliance and operational efficiency.

  3. Permian Basin Petroleum Association (PBPA): Serving those involved in the Permian Basin, this association offers resources on best practices, regulatory updates, and industry trends.

  4. Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) – Permian Basin Section: A hub for technical knowledge and professional development, offering events, publications, and training.

  5. U.S. Energy Information Administration -New Mexico Profile: Provides overview, data, and analysis of engery consumption and production in New Mexico.

  6. Drilling Edge – New Mexico: Explore oil and gas data for New Mexico. Get access to well locations, top producing operators and more.

The oil and gas industry in New Mexico is more than just a financial powerhouse; it is a cornerstone of the state’s economic stability, community safety, and educational development. For professionals within the sector, tapping into these resources can help navigate and thrive in this dynamic industry.