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Protect your business with expert insurance solutions.

New Mexico Hub Team is more than an insurance agency; we’re an integral part of the community. 

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As a team rooted in New Mexico, we understand the unique challenges our community faces. We tailor our insurance and risk management solutions to the specific needs of local  businesses, providing personalized service that goes beyond one-size-fits-all approaches.


Compliance solutions

Protect your business with basic property and casualty insurance to start. From there, you can expand your coverage to protect your enterprise from breakdowns, lawsuits, or other vulnerabilities.

With New Mexico HUB Team by your side, insurance coverage, claims, and more are simple, seamless, and strategic.

At HUB Southwest, the New Mexico HUB Team can help protect your most significant asset: your business. With our Business Insurance Solutions, you can replace ad-hoc, inadequate coverage and services with a comprehensive, gap-free solution that will cover your losses, protect your resources, and allow your enterprise to grow and thrive.

Types of Business Insurance

Learn how we calculate your total cost of risk.

Taking calculated risk is part of every business strategy. The key is to identify the appropriate amount of risk in exchange for the optimal rewards.

With our help, you can adapt your specialized insurance portfolio to include exactly the types of insurance you need to protect your business assets and profitability.

Eliminate uncertainty and reduce losses by starting with a standard business owner's policy that covers the basics while also establishing a solid foundation from which to grow your coverage. Receive precise, customized solutions that protect your current business operations and future business ambitions.

Fires, floods, and other catastrophes can destroy your assets and hamper your recovery efforts. We help make sure your coverage includes potential losses like damage or destruction of physical assets or loss of business due to unplanned events or emergencies. Our team works with you to devise a strategy to repair and rehabilitate your business, so you can get up and running quickly.

Gain peace of mind with a plan that protects all your interests. General Liability Insurance safeguards you and your company from lawsuits resulting from accidents or negligence.

Whether it's employee injuries or damages caused to property or persons by staff, General Liability Insurance protects your business interests so that you can keep your business up and running in the face of drawn-out lawsuits or costly court judgments.

Improve your Workers' Compensation Insurance with a plan that satisfies regulatory requirements while also fulfilling the needs of your organization. With the help of our experienced team, we help you find the sweet spot that allows you to protect your employees, comply with regulations, and manage costs.

Adjust to different state requirements, staffing size, and industry regulations with a customized workers' compensation insurance plan that can adapt to fit your business's risk profile and claims history.

Control costs, track coverage, and mitigate vulnerabilities with a Business Owner's Policy that combines business property and liability protection designed to meet our organization's individual needs.

Manage costs and eliminate coverage gaps with a comprehensive solution that protects your business from damage and destruction of buildings and assets while also safeguarding you from financial losses triggered by liability claims.

Develop a strategy that prepares you for any eventuality with business interruption insurance. Eliminate the risks associated with potential losses as a result of a business interruption resulting from natural disasters, terrorism, employee fatality, and even executive kidnapping.

Whether you are located in an area prone to natural disasters or have multiple locations with different risk factors, business interruption insurance provides a buffer that gives you the time to assess your situation and plan for a resumption of operations.

Practices Liability Insurance protects your business from costly litigation.

Designed to cover the costs associated with an employers' defense or losses related to employment-related claims, EPLI also protects against wage and hour disputes as well as allegations of discrimination, harassment, retaliation, and unlawful termination.

Safeguard your organization from the risks and costs associated with cybersecurity breaches with cyber insurance. Our cyber insurance solution protects your business in the event of a data breach, password attack, ransomware, or phishing attack.

Additionally, with cyber insurance, you can restore employee and customer identities, recover compromised data, and repair damaged computers and networks. Finally, don't get caught on the wrong side of the latest privacy and data protection regulations.

With Cyber insurance, your business can remain solvent and operational in the face state and federal fines and penalties, the costs of forensic investigations or breach notifications, and even class action or third-party lawsuits.

Stay secure by protecting your business - and its operations - from unexpected legal action. Professional liability insurance safeguards your organization from a whole host of potentially costly situations, including allegations of misrepresentation, breach of contract, or wrongful business practices.

Additionally, errors and omissions insurance can protect your business from charges of negligence or harm, whether those allegations are the result of a professional service or advice you provided.

By implementing the right professional liability insurance coverage for your company, you can protect your enterprise from the costs associated with mounting a legal defense or the fines and payments resulting from a court judgment, settlements and fines or penalties.

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Meet the Expert

Scott Gates

Client Executive VP, New Mexico HUB Team

Scott Gates is a seasoned professional in the complex world of business insurance. Recognizing the aversion many business owners have towards insurance matters, Scott is dedicated to simplifying the process. His passion lies in helping business owners discover the ideal coverage that aligns with their specific needs.

Scott’s approach ensures that his clients not only feel secure but also have the flexibility to explore growth. Protecting families, businesses, and the community is at the core of Scott’s mission. Crafting tailored solutions to safeguard your interests, Scott ensures the protection and well-being of those he serves in New Mexico and beyond.